Discover how digital media addiction is consuming your attention, relationships and life. Does the 24-hour news insanity cycle and social media world leave you feeling anxious, living small and wondering what could possibly be next?  Have the last few years had you shaking your head?   When you hear the latest news do you feel afraid?  Does looking for answers become an obsession you just can't shake?

It's time to create new habits and thoughts toward the digital media consumption causing your fear and decide whether or not constant scrolling has a place in your life.


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I learned the secret of how to disconnect from my own news media consumption addiction in one of the most un/expected places and you can access my experience for your own relief & reconnection


During the pandemic of 2020 we took our kids to a remote Amish village in NW Montana and experienced a beautiful time warp that created space for us.  As news of the pandemic, daily death counts, shortages and market crashes bombarded our every cell, I noticed my Amish neighbors were mostly unphased by the ripple effect of the global pandemic. The cows still got milked, the logs scraped, the laundry hung, the eggs collected.  Their lives didn't appear as impacted as the "English".  They weren't glued to the TVs, Zoom School or their non-stop smartphone scrolling.  I can teach you how to duplicate this life-changing experience and find relief from the daily dose of impending doom and bad news.  Let's connect!

Fear Sells, Motivates, Inspires, Limits.


As humans we are gifted with a sense of fear and instinct. 

In some cases these gifts keep us alive.  In others, they keep us small.

Are you constantly bombarding your brain with scary news? 

Access to massive quantities of 24-Hour Digital News Cycles keep us in a perpetual state of anticipation and fear.   

In some cases we may be addicted to the fear high.

Have you found yourself struggling to manage your mind or falling into media driven distraction and despair?  

What's today's narrative? 

Do you comply, be a good sport, or chart your own, independent path? 

Being brave takes courage.  Lots of new circumstances to navigate.

Our vivid imaginations play out "What If..." scenarios on a daily basis leaving us with a heightened sense of impending doom and uncertainty.

Let's talk through what you are experiencing, how it limits your life and together, create a path to a more peaceful, secure, abundant future. 

Relief, hope and clarity are within reach.  You don't have to feel like a hostage to your digital devices.

It's time to take your power back and decide what news and information you allow to float across your brain.  

Let's connect and get to work. 


There is Plenty

to Worry About

But, is living in a constant state of worry and fear worth the price of peace?  If you want to stop living small, reclaim your life and kick the worry habit, coaching provides amazing tools.  We identify the circumstance that leads to the thought that initiates the feelings of fear, worry, doubt and anxiety.  We question everything and start making decisions to unleash ourselves.


Techniques to

Combat Fear

Become aware.  Identifying a feeling reduces its power.  Name it.  Sit with it.  Let it flow through you.  A feeling is simply a vibration in the body.  Notice that your feeling lasts about 90 seconds.  You got this!  Feelings of fear, uncertainty and doubt don't have to be overwhelming.  Learn to process and neutralize fear.


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How does Fear Show

Up In Your Life?

Some people are plagued with dark thoughts, what ifs and all or nothing thinking.  Other people rely on food, alcohol, Netflix and mindless scrolling to relieve their stress.  Let's take a look and really determine which thoughts are causing the most pain.  Together we will challenge these limiting beliefs and create thoughts that bring peace and lead to a sense of stability and calm.

How I Work

The goal of life coaching is to reveal your thinking so you make decisions that lead to the results you seek.  Let's get to work!

What I Offer

Contemplating the future requires a certain level of planning and foresight. Set goals and manage your thoughts to eliminate or minimize fear with my new coaching mindset tool.


Like a good 12-Step Program or an out-of-control Las Vegas bash - what happens here stays here.  I get it, privacy matters.

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Fearless Mindset for the Modern World

The 6 Principles to Achieve Peace of Mind, Hope and the Confidence to Know You Are Doing All You Can to Minimize Fear and Protect Yourself & Family.

  1. Minimize News Consumption - Feel informed but not overwhelmed.  News is a tool to help you make decisions and protect your family.  Be intentional, self disciplined and willing to tell yourself, "no" with news consumption.
  2. Learn to create thoughts that support inner peace no matter what is going on in the outside world.
  3. Learn to name and process fear so you can show up fully to do the things you need or want.
  4. Make a Plan, Stick to the Plan - Decide on purpose, be deliberate so fear does not keep you living small. Redirect your worry energy to productive action.
  5. Build A Community - We often don't share our fears because we don't want to appear weak.  We can empower ourselves, minimize the feeling of isolation and build connections. 
  6. Trust Your Intuition & Acknowledge that sometimes you do need to be afraid for the sake of self-preservation. We are given the fight, flight or freeze instincts for a reason.

Is Your Brain Preparing for Hard Times Ahead?

As you listen to and watch your favorite podcasts, news shows and smartphone apps, do you find yourself worrying about so many things outside your control?  Could you go on a "news diet"?  Let's connect on effective ways to relieve stress, manage your mind and decide which actions best serve you and those you love.

How does the feeling of fear manifest itself in your life?  Does it look like Overwhelm, Chaos, Paralyzation?  Is the thought you have true or just a thought?  Could something else also be true?  Who would you be without your fear?



What If we came to understand life has always been uncertain?  It just feels more so now. The truth is, life has always been uncertain and it always will be.  Learning to live no matter what's going in the outside world is a gift you give yourself and those you love.



Find clarity and peace while fully living.  We learn to release the fear, anxiety, stress and control to find contentment, confidence, and an inner-peace that places us on a more calm path.  There will always be noise and we can choose how we listen, or not.



One On One Coaching

You are in the right place if...

  • Negative thoughts and worry for the future consume you
  • You want to be prepared for an uncertain future but your To Do List has got you down
  • Scrolling news apps, listening to talk radio and watching news feels a little like cheating on your family
  • You experience overwhelm on the daily
  • You feel isolated and want to connect
  • Your fear of the future has your family thinking you are crazy
  • You seek relief and peace of mind in a chaotic, uncertain world
  • Deciding which of your 30 news apps to delete feels overwhelming 



Social & News App Audit

The first step in breaking your news and social scrolling habit is to do an app and time audit.  Where are you allowing yourself to be sucked into the great digital abyss?  Need an accountability partner?  Let's figure it out together. 


The Fearless Mindset 

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